National Intern Day

America celebrates National Intern Day on the last Thursday in July, and this year, it falls on July 27. Interns play a crucial role in the American workforce, often taking on responsibilities such as filing documents, making calls, and assisting experienced professionals, allowing them to learn the ins and outs of the business. Typically, interns are college students or recent graduates, although there are instances of school children taking up internships while adhering to the minimum working age regulations. Internships not only provide a source of income but also offer a great opportunity to gain industry-specific knowledge and experience, serving as a stepping stone to a promising career.

The history of National Intern Day traces back to its inception by WayUp. The holiday aims to recognize and celebrate the efforts of future leaders while shedding light on the challenges and inequalities faced by entry-level candidates and interns in the workforce. WayUp launched the first National Intern Day celebrations in 2017 to raise awareness about the value of internships in acquiring essential experience and exposure. Contrary to the notion of internships being mere resume decorations, they can make a real difference in shaping the workforce for years to come.

It is essential to change the treatment of interns once they are hired, as research and data indicate that providing sustainable pay for interns can lead to significant improvements. Paid internships not only foster equality in the workplace but also encourage interns to perform at their best. Additionally, they allow individuals from underprivileged backgrounds and minority groups to explore diverse career options. National Intern Day aims to encourage companies to invest in diverse internship programs, recognizing that interns are the future leaders who can directly impact the success of their organizations. Since its inception, WayUp has helped numerous employers across the country celebrate their interns and acknowledge their contributions to the company's growth. On this day, WayUp's "100 Top Internship Programs List" highlights employers that have gone the extra mile to support their interns.

Today's interns are the leaders of tomorrow, and how companies treat them can significantly influence the American workforce.

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