Google AdSense Account Approval Process - 2023

Updated AdSense Account Approval Process

Google AdSense Account Approval Process - 2023
AdSense, known as one of the top contextual advertising networks, has recently revamped its approval process for new publishers. The steps for getting your AdSense account approved are now more straightforward. Here is the revised process:

Website Compatibility Check

Ensure that your website meets the necessary requirements to be compatible with AdSense. This includes adhering to AdSense policies, having original and quality content, and complying with the program's guidelines.

Sign Up for an AdSense Account

Create a new AdSense account by visiting the AdSense website and filling out the application form. Provide accurate and relevant information about yourself and your website during the sign-up process.

Implement AdSense Code

After your account is created, you will receive a unique AdSense code. Add this code to your website's HTML or use the provided integration options, such as plugins or modules for popular content management systems. This step enables AdSense to display ads on your site.

Review and Approval/Rejection

The AdSense team will review your website and application within 2-3 days. They will assess whether your website complies with their policies and guidelines. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email allowing you to proceed to the next steps. If rejected, the email will provide details about the reasons for rejection.

Identity Verification

Upon approval, the AdSense team may request you to verify your identity to ensure compliance with their policies. This verification process is typically straightforward and may involve submitting identification documents or completing additional forms.

Add Payment Information

To receive payments from AdSense, you need to provide your payment information. This includes setting a payment threshold, which is the minimum amount you must earn before you receive a payout. The default payment threshold is $100.

Once you have completed these steps, the AdSense ads on your website will start showing relevant advertisements. Remember that initially, the ads may appear blank until the system begins to display targeted ads based on your website's content and user engagement.

To learn how to create your first AdSense ad unit, you can refer to the video tutorial provided by AdSense. This tutorial will guide you through the process of generating your ad code and implementing it on your website.

By following these updated steps, you can increase your chances of getting your AdSense account approved and start monetizing your website with contextual advertisements.

Google AdSense Account Approval Process - 2023

Step 1: Register for an AdSense account

Go to and sign up for an account. Provide accurate information about your name, address, and website URL during the registration process.

Step 2: Log in to your AdSense account and create AdSense codes

Once you've registered, log in to your AdSense account. Generate AdSense codes by creating ad units. These codes will be used to display ads on your website. Copy the generated codes.

Step 3: Place the AdSense codes on your website

Paste the AdSense codes in the desired location on your website, such as the sidebar. The ads may initially appear blank until the final approval process is complete. It's important not to remove the ads during this time.

Step 4: Await approval

The approval process typically takes up to two weeks. Ads will start displaying on your website once the final approval is granted. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the approval.

Step 5: Receive the AdSense PIN

Once your AdSense earnings reach $10, Google will mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to your registered address. This step helps verify your address and account information.

Step 6: Enter the AdSense PIN

Log in to your AdSense account once you receive the PIN. Enter the PIN to confirm your address and complete the verification process.

Step 7: Reach the payment threshold and receive earnings

Once your AdSense account reaches a balance of $100, Google will send your earnings via a selected payment method. It's recommended to enable direct bank transfer for AdSense payments, ensuring a convenient and secure transfer of funds.

Congratulations! By following these steps, you have completed the AdSense approval process and can start earning revenue from your website.

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