Which website is eligible for AdSense?

Which website is eligible for AdSense?
To participate in the AdSense program and monetize your website, you need to meet certain eligibility requirements. One of the primary requirements is owning the website or having the necessary rights to use it for displaying ads.

Google AdSense requires that you have full ownership or administrative control over the site you want to use for participating in the program. This means you must have the ability to make changes to the website's content, design, and functionality. Generally, AdSense does not allow users to monetize websites that they do not own or control.

Furthermore, you must comply with Google's policies and guidelines for website content. Your site should provide valuable and original content that adheres to the AdSense program policies, which cover various aspects such as prohibited content, copyright infringement, adult content, and more. It is crucial to review and ensure your website meets these policies before applying for AdSense.

By verifying ownership and maintaining compliance with AdSense policies, you can maximize your chances of being approved for the program and start earning revenue from ad placements on your website.

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