Monetize Facebook Reels With Overlay Ads

Monetize Facebook Reels With Overlay Ads

Monetize Your Content with Facebook Reels Overlay Ads

Facebook is introducing a new way for content creators to monetize their Reels through overlay ads. This new ad format, available in two types - banner ads and sticker ads, will be gradually rolled out to almost all countries with in-stream ad programs by mid-March.

What are Overlay Ads in Reels?

Overlay ads are a completely new ad format on Facebook that will appear transparently on top of Reels content. The two formats, banner ads, and sticker ads, will allow viewers to enjoy their favorite content creators' videos without interruptions, while subtly introducing them to relevant ads.

Banner Ads Placement and Sticker Ads Customization

Banner ads will be placed at the bottom of a Facebook Reel, while content creators can choose where the sticker ads will appear in their videos.

Eligibility for Monetization

If you are already part of the in-stream ads monetization program, you are automatically eligible to start using overlay ads without needing to opt in separately. However, for those unsure of their eligibility, Facebook provides a page to check for eligibility and sign up for the in-stream monetization program.

How to Get Started with Overlay Ads

Based on your eligibility, you will be automatically opted into the banner ad format, but not all of your Reels will contain ads. The ability to show banner ads depends on factors like advertiser targeting settings and ad value for viewers. You can choose to opt-out of banner ads through the Meta Creator Studio.

To add sticker ads to your Reels, follow these steps:

  1. Tap “Stickers” on the right-hand side of the menu panel after adding your creative to the Reel.
  2. Tap “Ad” below the Stickers tab.
  3. Tap “Add Sticker Ad.”
  4. Move the positioning of the sticker ad frame to fit best in your Reel.
  5. Keep in mind that while you can choose the positioning of the ad, the actual ad displayed will be chosen by Facebook based on relevance to the individual user.

The Benefits of Overlay Ads

Facebook's investment of $1 billion in content creators aims to provide a sustainable business opportunity for creators on the platform. By adding overlay ads to Reels, content creators can earn a portion of the advertising revenue, enabling them to invest more time and resources in creating high-quality content for the Meta platform.

Start monetizing your content with Facebook Reels overlay ads today and take advantage of this new opportunity to grow your presence and revenue on the platform.

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