YouTube Ad Blocker: Company Implements Three Strikes Policy for Users Blocking Ads

Google-owned YouTube is implementing a more assertive approach to discourage users from using adblockers. The company confirmed that it is conducting a global experiment to address this issue, as first discovered by a Reddit user and reported by Android Authority.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, the experiment involves urging viewers with ad blockers enabled to either allow ads on YouTube or consider using YouTube Premium. It's not uncommon for publishers to request viewers to disable ad blockers, and YouTube views ad blockers as a violation of its Terms of Service.

The policy works by presenting affected users with repeated notifications, encouraging them to enable ads on the platform. In severe cases where users persistently use ad blockers, YouTube may temporarily disable video playback. However, the company emphasizes that it takes this measure very seriously and will only disable playback if users consistently refuse to comply with the requests to disable ad blocking.

To address any false flags or misunderstandings, YouTube allows users to provide feedback by clicking on a link in the prompt if they believe they have been wrongly identified as ad blocker users.

In summary, YouTube is conducting a test where users with ad blockers enabled will be repeatedly prompted to enable ads or consider using YouTube Premium. If users persistently refuse, video playback may be temporarily disabled, but YouTube is open to resolving any potential misunderstandings through user feedback.

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