How to submit an appeal if your creator content, Page or profile is demonetised

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate access to, or discontinue the availability of, its content monetization features at any time.

Appeals for Partner or Content Monetization Policy on Facebook:

If you have lost access to monetization features but believe you should be eligible, you can submit an appeal under both the Partner and Content Monetization Policy categories.

Partner Monetization Policy: These rules apply to all Pages, profiles in professional mode, events, and groups on Facebook. Violation of these policies results in the loss of monetization eligibility at the Page, profile, or group level.

Content Monetization Policy: Your content itself must follow specific guidelines to be eligible for certain monetization products. Violation of these policies results in the loss of monetization for the individual piece of content.

Appeals for Partner Monetization Policy on desktop (Pages/profiles/groups):
  • Go to Meta Business Suite and click on Monetization.
  • Click on Policy issues and select the Page/profile/group that you want to appeal.
  • Click on "Request another review" for the decision you would like to appeal.
Note: Meta Business Suite is not currently accessible for profiles in professional mode.

Appeals for Content Monetization Policy on desktop (individual content, e.g., video or reel):

For content violations, you can submit an appeal via this form.

Partner and Content Monetization Appeals on mobile:

On mobile, you will receive a notification on Facebook and in the monetization product you are using (e.g., Reels) if there is a violation that affects your monetization status.

Upon clicking either of the alerts, you will automatically be redirected to the Policy issues page, which will have a Restricted monetization alert with the option to "Request review."

After clicking "Request review," you will be taken to an Appeals page, where you can submit an appeal for the violations currently restricting your monetization.

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