How to make money from your content on Facebook and Instagram

Monetising Your Content on Facebook and Instagram

Monetisation can be a great way for creators like Daniela, a beauty enthusiast who shares makeup tutorials on Facebook and Instagram, to earn money while doing what they love. To ensure a positive experience for creators, advertisers, and users of Meta technologies, certain eligibility criteria must be met.

Checking and Maintaining Monetisation Eligibility

Daniela wants to monetise her content, so she decides to check her eligibility status on Facebook and Instagram. Here's how she can do it:

1. Facebook:

a. Log in to Meta Business Suite.
b. Select the Page she wants to check.
c. Click on the Monetisation tab to view her current status.

2. Instagram:

a. Log in to her Instagram account.
b. Go to settings and check her account status to see if she is eligible for monetisation.

Monetisation Policies

It's essential for creators like Daniela to follow all monetisation policies when attempting to make money from their content on Facebook and Instagram. These policies are designed to protect users of Meta technologies and ensure a positive experience for everyone. Failure to comply with these policies may result in consequences such as content deletion or a disabled account.

Disclaimer: Daniela is a fictional character created by Meta, and any resemblance to real-life individuals is unintentional.

By adhering to the monetisation policies and regularly checking her eligibility status, Daniela can monetise her content while continuing to engage her audience with makeup tutorials on Facebook and Instagram.

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