Facebook's Video Monetisation Tools: Empowering Content Creators in India

Facebook Launches Video Monetisation Feature for Indian Content Creators

Facebook's Video Monetisation Tools
In its Creator Day event on November 30, social networking giant Facebook announced the much-awaited launch of its video monetisation feature for Indian content creators. This feature allows qualifying creators to earn revenue from ads placed on their videos. To be eligible for monetisation, Facebook requires pages to have a minimum of 10,000 followers, and the videos must be longer than three minutes in duration.

To participate in the monetisation plan, creators are further required to achieve a minimum of 30,000 one-minute views on their videos within 60 days. Once eligible, content creators can earn approximately 55% of the revenue generated from the ads inserted into their videos. This move aims to incentivize creators and provide them with more opportunities to monetize their content on the platform.

Previously available in more than 30 countries, Facebook's video monetisation programme now includes India. This opens up new possibilities for Indian content creators to reach a larger audience and benefit from their creative efforts. The platform supports content produced not only in English but also in regional languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam, catering to diverse audiences across the country.
Facebook's Video Monetisation Tools
Alongside the video monetisation feature, Facebook also introduced the 'Brand Collabs Manager' during the event. This feature enables brands to connect with creators and collaborate on branded content. Creators can create portfolios showcasing their work, making it easier for brands to identify potential partnerships. The 'Brand Collabs Manager' feature will be available in India starting next year, further promoting collaborations and brand endorsements.

This move comes as no surprise, considering the immense growth of the online video viewing audience in India. According to a KPMG report from September 2018, the number of online video viewers in India is projected to reach 550 million by FY23, a significant increase from approximately 225 million in FY18. This presents a massive opportunity for content creators and brands to tap into the vast Indian digital market.

Overall, Facebook's video monetisation feature and the introduction of the 'Brand Collabs Manager' hold great promise for Indian creators, providing them with the means to turn their passion into a viable income stream while fostering collaborations between creators and brands.

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